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About the authors:

Popova Natalia Sergeyevna, Specialist student, University of Tyumen,
Garkusha Nadezhda Anatolievna,

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, University of Tyumen, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Professional Communication Department, Associate Professor,


This article is devoted to a new antibiotic that is used to fight drug-resistant bacteria. The article presents information about medicine and antibiotics in general, the main aspects of how antibiotics work. The main purpose of the article is to reveal its features.


1. Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance: from antiquity to the present [Electronic resource] – Access mode:

2. A new antibiotic to combat drug-resistant bacteria is in sight [Electronic resource] – Access mode:

3. "Looks like bacteria are beating science." [Electronic resource] – Access mode:

4. A strong antibiotic was isolated from the roundworms [Electronic resource] – Access mode:

5. Scientists have learned how to defeat bacteria that aren't sensitive to antibiotics [Electronic resource] – Access mode:

6. A new antibiotic was found in the stomach of the nematode worms [Electronic resource] – Access mode: