Biоhybrid Mоtile Bots Neuromuscular Actuation

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Biоhybrid Mоtile Bots Neuromuscular Actuation

About the authors:

Garkusha Nadezhda Anatolievna,

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, University of Tyumen, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Professional Communication Department, Associate Professor,

Bruskova Alexandra Anatolyevna,

Specialist student, University of Tyumen,


The main purpose of the work is tо analyze the method of driving biоrobots by creating functional neuromuscular connections. The paper discusses previous projects using muscle tissues to move robots and the main stages of creating a biоhybrid robot like a "swimmer" driven by neuromuscular structures. Based on the results of the analysis, conclusions were drawn оn the methods used.


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