Entity-relationship modeling in Peter Chen’s notation

Journal «Language & Science» UTMN.


№3 2014. 05.00.00 ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ НАУКИ

Entity-relationship modeling in Peter Chen’s notation

About the author:

Garkusha Nadezhda Anatolievna,

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, University of Tyumen, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Foreign Languages and Intercultural Professional Communication Department, Associate Professor, n.a.garkusha@utmn.ru


In this article while building the model in Peter Chen’s notation the analysis of the text is carried out/conducted. The noun/verb analysis is the easiest way of analyzing the text to show up classes, attributes and class responsibilities. Nouns and Noun Phrase which are met in the text point out the responsibilities or attributes of the class. Verbs and Verb Phrase point out the responsibilities and class operation.