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Wi-fi network

About the authors:

Trapeznikov D. , Tyumen State University, Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Group 25RPh112

Yusupova Alena Alexandrovna, Tyumen State University, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural
professional communication of natural sciences, Senior teacher


Over the past few years, the Wi-Fi technology has gained the enormous popularity. Today, the human need for information is incredibly high. And, considering the pace of modern life, this information should be readily available. To achieve this, wireless access points to the Internet are placed in many public places and at home. The Wi-Fi technology is a mechanism that allows electronic devices to exchange data over the wireless network. The results show that the wireless data transmission is possible with the following devices: wireless adapters, embedded modules, routers. Signal quality depends on different interferences, such as, a maximal number of people using only one access point, interference in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, created by different devices, for example, microwave ovens, high-power radio stations, as well as router positions and corridor configurations.  


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